Game Design

Let them Eat Cake!

Let them Eat Cake is a multiplayer game developed by a five-person team over the course Building Virtual World at CMU of two weeks. Two players separately control the left and right legs of a little cake, and try to help the dessert traverse the delicious wonderland and fulfill its destiny of being a delicious treat. The players cooperate with each other using Airconsole.

My Role / 


Interaction Design


Team Member / 

Haoran Liang

Haiyun Wu

Wei-Che Hsu

Yuting Jing

Ebrahim Karam


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Originality: Great personality. Being a walking cake is fantastic.


Poetry of presentation: Lots of great details. The visuals of the food and the look of the cake walking are lovely.
Psychological proximity: Giving the guest direct control of a leg makes the action feel really connected. Having the guest enter their name is a nice touch. The control pad adds a little distance.


Goals: Things are relatively simple and clear: move forward. The overall goal isn’t as clear. Where are we going? Why?
Interest curve: Lots of good variety--especially visually. Reverse wonderland is a nice moment. The ending could be stronger.
Interactions: Controlling a leg works, but it could be stronger. There’s definitely some extra clarity that would be helpful in understanding exactly how things work.